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About me

Welcome to a coaching experience where a rich history in psychological practice meets the personalized touch of life coaching. I am a Life Coach in the UK, offering a holistic approach to personal development, with a diverse background rooted in Ukrainian psychological and therapeutic expertise. My journey began in the dynamic educational settings of Kyiv, where, from 2010 to 2015, I served as a Practical Psychologist at T. Shevchenko’s School. Here, I honed my skills in psychodiagnostics and counseling, not just for students, but for the vital support network around them including teachers and parents. During this time, my efforts significantly improved children's psychological health, boosting their educational engagement and fostering a deeper understanding between families. Simultaneously, I extended my expertise to the Social Service for children and youth, focusing on those with autism and mental retardation. These years were pivotal, allowing me to develop specialized psychological programs that truly made a difference. Transitioning to private practice from 2015 to 2022, I embraced the advent of digital technology to provide remote psychological assistance. This period was marked by my progressive training in Gestalt Therapy, culminating in certification work with post-traumatic syndrome in wartime conditions—a testament to my adaptability and commitment to those in need. My qualifications reflect a dedication to professional excellence and an expansive skill set. I am certified in Pediatric Analytical Therapy, the theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy, Modern Trends in Psychology and Psychotherapy, Animal Therapy, and Child Psychopathology. Additionally, my specialized training includes the use of metaphorical associative cards and an array of psychocorrection and counseling techniques. As a Life Coach in the UK, I integrate this extensive background to support you in navigating life's complexities. My systemic approach, combined with a rich tapestry of qualifications, allows me to offer strategies that are as unique as your own story. I am here to help you notice and utilize your current resources, aiding you in addressing challenges at both the word and body level. Together, we will focus on the 'here and now'—a concept central to my practice. We will work to uncover hidden emotions, build contact with your inner self, and pave a path toward a deeper understanding of both yourself and others. Join me, and let's cultivate a life marked by understanding, empowerment, and growth. Your journey to a more authentic and fulfilling life starts here.

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